The Two-Second Advantage™

The Two-Second Advantage™


  • "Anyone interested in understanding the common thread of almost all long term success should read The Two-Second Advantage. The authors capture your imagination with this well-written and lively exploration on how by just having unique insight prior to an event helps organizations make innovative decisions and keep their competitive edge."

    – Chad Hurley Co-Founder of YouTube

    "The right information at the right time is often the key to breakout success. Vivek's legendary entrepreneurial track record and the deep insight that he and Kevin Maney offer into the art of information technology makes this the right book at the right time to arm the reader with the knowledge and perspective the future will demand."

    – Marc Andreessen, Co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz
    Opsware Inc. and Netscape
  • "An elegant exploration of how a company could in effect not guess, but anticipate what's about to happen in two months from now or even an instant with right information at precisely the right time. The Two-Second Advantage is one of those rare books that shape our thinking about how companies and organizations should use technology to operate more like 'talented' humans."

    – N Chandrasekaran, Chief Executive Officer, Tata Consultancy Services

    "Get ready to rethink how you operate your business. The Two-Second Advantage puts forth a simple but powerful notion that organizations don't need to have a vision of the future ten years or even ten days out, they only need a little bit of the right information in the right context just far enough ahead to see an opening or opportunity an instant before the competition."

    – William H. Draper III, Co-founder, Sutter Hill Ventures
  • "In an environment where the velocity of change is faster than at any other time in history, a company's ability to capture The Two-Second Advantage can mean the difference between success and failure. Vivek articulates how leaders and organizations can use predictive processes to anticipate change and gain a competitive advantage that shapes the future of work."

    – Francisco D'Souza, President and Chief Executive Officer, Cognizant

    "What does the unique scoring ability of hockey great Wayne Gretzky have to do with leading the modern organization in the digital age – how valuable is a consistent competitive advantage driven by predictive power? With these engaging and insightful examples Ranadivé and Maney explore and explain how the leaders of 'Enterprise 3.0' are achieving sustainable competitive advantage through the use of predictive computing."

    – Thomas H. Glocer, Chief Executive Officer, Thomson Reuters
  • "Anyone interested in understanding the one common denominator of almost all long term success should read The Two-Second Advantage…organizations or even talented people don't need to have a vision of the future ten years or even ten days out. They need to accurately anticipate what's about to happen next a split second before the competition using the right information at the right time."

    – Phillip Hellmuth, 13-time World Series of Poker Champion
    and Poker Hall of Famer

    "A compelling book on the 'art of anticipation' that everyone should read for every business today."

    – Mark V. Hurd is President of Oracle Corporation
    and a member of the Board of Directors
  • "Critically important for today's business leaders. Customers are engaging with companies through an exploding number of channels, from mobile devices to the social universe. The concept that we can not only understand all that customer data, but make accurate and business-shaping predictions from it, puts this on the must-read list."

    – Shantanu Narayen, President and CEO, Adobe Systems Incorporated

    "The Two-Second Advantage is based on a powerful principle – a little bit of the right information ahead of time is more valuable than piles of information too late. That insight can help you stay a half-step ahead of competitors by anticipating the always changing preferences of today's customers and who better than Vivek to talk about it."

    – Vineet Nayar, Vice Chairman & CEO, HCL Technologies Ltd & Author,
    Employees 1st Customers 2nd
  • "The Two-Second Advantage is a deft compilation of research and practical examples on how by having a little bit of the right information, at the right time and context, just far enough ahead is the key ingredient for success- in business and in other fields of human endeavor…the authors offer a vital perspective on how the available predictive capabilities can help make the world a better place."

    – Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the
    World Economic Forum

    "The challenge of today's digital world isn't gathering data but making sense of it quickly. The Two-Second Advantage artfully explores how having the right information, in context and at the right time, can place you ahead of the game."

    – David Stern, NBA Commissioner
  • "Ranadivé and Maney convincingly show that by seeing the future we can achieve a new one. Neuroscience meets computer science and the result is profound, not to mention a great read."

    – Don Tapscott, author of Wikinomics

    "Vivek Ranadivé, along with Kevin Maney, has published The Two-Second Advantage, a book which builds upon Ranadivé's past insights, concentrating upon what drives competitive advantage. On this occasion, rather than use the publishing medium as a foil to promote the ideas of an event driven business, the authors discuss how top performing people succeed by anticipating the immediate future. That well-worn expression attributed to Wayne Gretzky about going to where the puck will be, not where it is, gets repeated time and again as the quintessential example of what the two second advantage is about."

    – Dennis Howlett on ZDNet
  • "The Two-Second Advantage: How We Succeed by Anticipating the Future-Just Enough (Crown Business) is an exploration of the science, present and future, of anticipation. If this sounds like Malcolm Gladwell's 2005 bestseller Blink, fair enough; it covers a little bit of the same ground. But Maney and Ranadivé extend the concept well beyond the individual, looking at how business and society can build predictive systems, using the science of anticipation to get an edge. And where Gladwell drew criticism for being a dilettante, Ranadivé-the founder and CEO of real-time software company TIBCO-has been working in this field for some time, both in his day job and as an author (it's his third book on the subject)."

    – Canadian Business Review

    "Fascinating, well-researched, and accessible look at how research on the ways our brains process information is driving new computer technology, and transforming the way businesses are run. The authors bolster their premise with plenty of real-world examples of individuals and companies who employ "the two-second advantage" to accomplish extraordinary things. They offer a vision of a better world through the use of predictive technology."

    – AdvanceMe, a subsidiary of Capital Access Network
  • "As an innovation publisher, I receive a lot of books in the mail. Most fade together into a wall of sameness. But once in a while, a book stands out. As you turn the pages and read the authors' insights and conclusions, you find yourself unconsciously going, "Wow - that's cool!" That's what happened when I read the first few chapters of a new book by Vivek Ranadive and Kevin Maney, The Two-Second Advantage: How We Succeed by Anticipating the Future - Just Enough. This book is very well written and engaging. It's not a boring scientific treatise. The authors bring these trends and stories alive, and will provide you with much food for thought on how such technologies could be used to revolutionize your products and services in the coming years. I highly recommend The Two-Second Advantage!"

    – Chuck Frey, the founder and editor of